Looking for agents in food and beverage industry

About the Company.
BeDigital is a network of well connected, trustworthy professionals and reliable producers. We believe that local knowledge of the market and good connections can help companies enter new markets fast and benefit from new contracts.

About the job

You're free to control working hours and location. Make contracts from anywhere at your own pace.
Focus on earning money. Decrease sales time by making use of your own connections.
Choose manufacturers you want to work with without any subscription fee or hidden legal obligations.
Forget the hassle. Just introduce manufacturers to potential clients and let them handle the negotiations.

How does it work?
BeDigital is all about creating a community of Experts from the manufacturing field. This allows us to work with a various range of professionals: Purchase Managers, Export or Import Officers, Stakeholders, Sales Agents. Briefly put, experts who have an extensive professional network within the industry. You can utilise your existing network and share your expertise by simply connecting the right people at the right time.

When can I start?
You can start right away. Count on no-hassle process for a smooth kickoff. You don’t have to search for the producers, we are the ones matching them with the Experts. By joining the Experts community, you can work with top players of the market, help other companies to unlock their potential. All these opportunities are possible by just using your professional network of connections. From the very beginning, you will get all the training and support needed directly from the industry professionals.

How do I monetise my know-how?
By simply connecting the decision makers with producers, you can earn a stable 2.5 - 15% commission depending on the size of the contract. This way your existing professional network allows you to make an income you can rely on.

What are the working hours?
As an Expert, you are free to work from anywhere, anytime. Choose the schedule that fits your lifestyle and needs.

Les postes, jobs thématiques de recrutement associés à la petite annonce emploi (travail) sont : emploi agent commercial

Offre d'emploi

Contact pour l'offre emploi Looking for agents in food and beverage industry

Tomas Indriunas
Vismaliuku g. 34, Vilnius, Lithuania
+370 619 41 650

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